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  • Mike Dewey of Mt. Carmel Brewing Company takes us to his brewery in Mt. Carmel, Ohio. With a passion for local craft beer, Mike shows us what his vision brings to the market with Mt. Carmel’s selection of unique brews.

  • The taps around Greater Cincinnati are flowing as the craft beer business booms. Currently there are 21 established breweries in the Cincinnati area with eight more planned to launch before the end of this year.

  • Mt. Carmel Brewing owner and brewer Mike Dewey talks about his beer in 2010.

  • Meet Mike Dewey, owner and brewer of Mt. Carmel Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Learn about his beers, and what Ohio Brew Week is all about!

  • Steve Wilkes joins brewer Mike Dewey for a tour of Mt. Carmel Brewing Co.

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